Ayse Irem Incirci aus der Türkei ist als Freiwillige im Jugendzentrum der Stadt Villach von Februar 2021 bis Jänner 2022 tätig.

Hello! My name is Ayse, I am 28 years old, and I am from Turkey.  I am participating in a project which provided by European Solidarity Corps as a volunteer in youth center in Villach. 

It is my first time in Austria, Villach has amazing nature and parks! 

I am interested to spend time with youngsters and create some nice initiatives. I am interested in dancing, doing Zumba, trekking, yoga and handcrafts. Also travelling, meeting with different people from different cultures inspire and motivate me a lot. I am happy to share my knowledge and stories about my culture with young people from Villach.

European Solidarity corps projects are very good opportunity to join, to gain confidence and make a difference. Also  I am learning German, meeting with different people from Austrian culture. My mission is to help people to live happy and meaningful life and I am so happy to be part of this project and make real my mission.

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