Daria Kolosovskaia aus Russland ist als Freiwillige im Waldorfkindergarten Villach von Mitte September 2020 bis Mitte September 2021 tätig.

My name is Dasha, and I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. For the next year, I am going to be a volunteer at the Waldorf Kindergarten in Villach.

At this kindergarten, education is seen as an adventure that pushes kids to reconsider, think critically, and be free to discover something more insightful. This approach provides kids with an opportunity to develop themselves in a creative environment. They are involved in many outside activities as well as in fascinating and artistic tasks with people around them. And every day I am there for them and, what is more important – with them. I do appreciate the respectful, trustful relationships and the connection between kids and adults, which exist in this kindergarten.

My major at University was Cognitive Studies with a particular interest in Social and Developmental Psychology so that I have learned a lot about intergroup relations as well as about child development. I do believe that the approach and the atmosphere, which are created in Waldorf Kindergarten in Villach, will help kids to discover themselves and achieve their potential further in life.

I am happy to be a part of this meaningful project, share my skills and knowledge, represent my culture, improve my German, explore Austrian culture, get inspired, and learn from the community and its mission. Moreover, this project is a nice chance to incorporate my passion for both teaching and psychology as well as to challenge myself to strive for professional excellence in a new, unfamiliar, and exciting setting.

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