Rovena Sina aus Albanien ist als Freiwillige im Landesjugendreferat Kärnten von Februar 2021 bis Oktober 2021 tätig.

Hello, my name is Rovena and I am in Klagenfurt since the first of February, doing my volunteer service with “European Solidarity Corps”. Has been a month already since I moved in and has been a really good one so far. During this time I have been working on some topics (I will talk more on the following part of this article), I have meet very nice and helpful people, been enjoying sunny days of Carinthia, by the lake or on the mountains and visiting and learning more about the Klangenfurt city and history.  Faithfully the next 7 months will be even better and will make my volunteering experience, a great one. 

I am so lucky to be here, as locals say: “to work where others go on holiday”.

My motivation to come to Austria has been growing up with me. Since I finished my University, five years ago, my dream has been to go abroad at a very well developed country, for a Master Degree. And when I say a very developed country, my first choice would be Austria, every time. I have always been curious to discover more on the culture of Austria, to know more about the everyday life, how everything is organized, and to see things from an inhabitant point of view.  

Moreover I wanted to come to Carinthia, to get to live in the middle of the Alps, and enjoying the Mediterranean Climate. Because of the perfect location, and the possibilities if offers to live the life more connected to nature and the opportunities do a lot of sports, which I love and to have a balanced work-life. 1200 lakes and most of them in the Alps, is a very beautiful scenario to make a young, nature appassionate girl to come and live in Austria.  While I’m here, I will love to learn, to give, to explorer, to hike, to travel, all around Austria and on the neighbor countries like Slovenia and Italy (hope Corona will let us do so).  This country so far gives me the safety feeling and enjoyable energy. 

There are so many reasons I decided to go on a volunteery experience, and the most important one is to see the world on a different dimension. To get to know a new place and all that it can offer, and to do it from the best perspective someone could get. And while doing so I would have the opportunity to contribute on that country.

Another reason is to meet new people, and make new friends. People who comes from absolutely different cultures, with whom I will be sharing the same passion and everyday life. This is a unique position to be in and hopefully will allow me to join hands with people who share the same experience. 

Even though is not the main reason which made me decide to go volunteering, I really believe that this experience will help me with my career in the future. Since I am already learning new things and working on tasks I haven’t work on my previous jobs, this is a very good opportunity to learn and grow professionally.  

Since I am here, I have been working on two different tasks with my hosting organization. One of them is to create, content and designs for the social media pages (Instagram and Facebook). We are working on the “Green Deal” topic, and will represent the main areas when this aim is focused and which are the problems and goals to rich it. 

Another task I am working on with Landesjugendreferat is to develop a project that has so many benefits on the nature, on the community and on my personal development.  This project is about recycling and helping people through active participation on the society.

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