Szymon Czekala aus Polen ist als Freiwilliger im Youthpoint Don Bosco Siebenhügel von November 2020 bis November 2021 tätig.

I am a participant in a project in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps as a volunteer in a youth point in Klagenfurt, Austria. The task is mainly about spending time with the teenagers. I have never had an experience in such work but it is definitely worth trying.

For sure it is more easy because of the all people who are in charge of the whole project and who helps me a lot to adapt into a new situation. From the very beginning I expected it to be a great experience and I have not been disappointed. It is an opportunity to live abroad on your own for some time, meet many new different people and to give a chance for yourself to be in a different situations which are sometimes challenging but also rewarding.

I have not crossed the half of the time of the project I am taking part of and already a lot of things happened and I feel that my life is already reacher. I can definitely recommend it to everyone and if you are in doubts, I would like to encourage you to give it a try.

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